No. 1 Ridesharing service for everyday use

*Japan marketing organization researched April 2021_Brand image survey

No. 1 Ridesharing service for everyday use

*Japan marketing organization researched April 2021_Brand image survey

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For commute and daily use.
Door-to-door for a great deal by sharing.
And environmentally friendly.

For commute and daily use.
Door-to-door for a great deal by sharing.
And environmentally friendly.

Comfortable and affordable
No need to change trains or carry baggage.
A new means of transportation that is cheaper than a taxi alone
To your destination with confidence
Professional drivers in each region operate routes optimized by AI. Peace of mind with free cancellation even when flight is canceled or delayed
Environmentally friendly
By sharing one vehicle with everyone, it is more eco-friendly than traveling with multiple cars. Options for energy savings and congestion relief

The inside of the car is spacious so you can sit comfortably. Safe with Covid-19 measures

Online payment, Reservation only

Well-trained driver. small number of people (up to 6 people)

* Calculated based on the distance traveled by each user. Numbers are examples

Convenient to use in such cases

Regular commute
Recently, I have been coming to work twice each week and use it to commute to work in a relaxed manner. The day before, I looked at my schedule for the next day and made a reservation. I could work in the shuttle and travel comfortably. Use case : Avoiding the commuter rush (Kachidoki - Otemachi)
Time: 20 min.
Price: 1,000 yen
Distance: 5km
Children's Lessons
Used for my child's weekly lessons. Since we travel on a certain day and time each time, making reservations in advance has made it easier for us to avoid worrying about travel on the day of the lesson. Use case :Ride with children (Shinonome - Toyocho)
Time: 15 min.
Price: 900 yen
Distance: 3km
Weekend family vacation
A movie at Roppongi Hills on the weekend. The whole family moved comfortably together in time for the start of the movie. It was a fulfilling weekend with a relaxed atmosphere. Use case :Ride with a family of four (Shinonome - Roppongi)
Time: 25 min.
Price: 2,400 yen
Distance: 10km

How to use

1. Reservation

Riding a crowded train to work can be difficult. That's when you book the SmartShuttle.


Up to 0% OFF
compared to a Solo Ride

2. Reservation confirmation

Notification of vehicle availability within 24 hours. Ride time and vehicle confirmed by 6:00 p.m. the day before.

Reservation confirmation

3. Boarding

Boarding at scheduled time.
Shared members may board on the way.


4. Get off

Smooth online payment after drop-off.

Get off

For sharing
Additional discount

Ex. from Toyosu to an office near Tokyo Station*
15 minAbout 2,520 ¥*
Door to Door
15-25 minAbout 1,260 ¥ less
Door to Door
Bus, Train
25-32 min210 ¥
*Estimated fee for a Solo Ride, including pick-up fee
Starting from the entire area of Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Minato-ku, and Koto-ku, Tokyo
Vehicle & Driver
Small group shuttles with a maximum of 5 passengers, so very comfortable.
Safe driving by professional drivers.


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    Recommend to friends / family
  • 10,000

    Total reservations
  • 4.2

    Ride satisfaction
* November 16, 2020-August 11, 2021 Results of demonstration experiment


Baggage Allowance & size restrictions for baggage?

Baggage up to 200cm in total can be loaded. Free for each person, additional charge for the second and subsequent ones. There is no additional charge for baggage carried on the lap.
Click here for details

If I want to ride with my family (children), can I apply for it?

When applying, please apply for your child's ride. Junior seats cannot be used

Is it possible to specify the operation route to the destination?

This service is premised on share and cannot be specified because it sets the optimal boarding order and route.

I would like to ride with my acquaintance. Can I specify that?

Since this service is premised on an efficient share route, we cannot guarantee your share with acquaintances. If you are boarding at the same place / time, you can board by applying for the same person.

Where is the meeting place?

Please come to the place specified at the time of application. Please avoid designating paths that vehicles cannot enter or roads that cannot be stopped.